Offshore Software Development Team

The IT world is getting more connected. You don’t have to source software development talents locally anymore — your dream offshore programming team can be located anywhere in the world. We match our clients with their new team members by forming dedicated software development teams that work seamlessly across borders and time zones.

With a dedicated offshore development team here in Ukraine, you can outsource your projects and extend your business capacity, significantly cut the operational costs of your business. We develop Web and Mobile Applications and have a wealth of experience in quality assurance and testing.

Offshore software development team

What We Provide

Fast and flexible team formation

Minimization of risks associated with new team launch

Transparent process of team development


Clear and efficient communication

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Today, Agilites LLC is a team made up of Web, Mobile, and QA Engineers.
Agilites LLC is founded on the principles of flat structure and self-organized teams that allow us to combine the freedom of creativity with the responsibility to achieve our common goals.
We are always happy to face new challenges and meet new friends ☺

Guiding Principles


should be transparent, sufficient, reliable, timely, fair and comfortable for all parties.


we always aim to meet the client's requirements while sharing our own knowledge and expertise.

Passion to Win:

we have the urge to succeed in every project and are determined to follow through on our goals, no matter what obstacles may come our way.

Our Blueprint for Creating Offshore Dedicated Team

It is a complicated job, forming a dedicated team of software development experts who will completely meet your requirements and yield the optimal result. That's why we are here to manage the following steps:


We start by getting to know you as a business, analyzing your requirements and expectations from our outsourcing services, and discussing the plan for core development team formation. The final part of this step is approving the business arrangements and signing the contract.


We employ specific engineers to the core team, as well as providing technical and organizational support for the team launch. During this stage we implement the main processes for successful cooperation between you and the core team.

Team adjustment.

Your culture and working principles are incorporated into every aspect of the team's work. We improve and change processes for a more effective working practice, replacing or adding experts as required.

Monitoring and improving.

Monitoring and improving is a constant process that allows us to develop the core team, minimize risks and make work more effective.

What our clients say

Our Clients

Among our clients there are world-renowned industry leaders, startups and middle size companies.

Featured News

Outsourcing to Ukraine. Case Study

The example of collaboration between Agilites, as an outsourcing services provider, and Wellness Layers, as a software products company which also has offices in the US and Israel, shows how a team of talented software engineers can work seamlessly across countries and continents. The result of this work is the improved health and well-being of thousands of people.

"The creation of a relationship is very important," said Kishon. "I'd advise companies that need to choose a partner in Ukraine to come here and meet with potential partners, get a feel for the city and its people. Such partnerships are like a marriage, and you certainly can't do that remotely."

5 Tips for Managing Outsourced IT Functions

A large number of companies outsource not only IT infrastructures and desktop support, but also data center hosting, security, e-commerce systems, and software development. One benefit of outsourcing is the ability to redirect would-be IT budget allotments to other key tactics of a company's business strategy, such as production line improvements or hiring additional sales personnel. But IT outsourcing is not without considerable risks, and it's important that management takes the steps necessary to ensure the outsourcing project is a booming success, rather than a dismal failure. Here are five tips that will help in this regard.

World’s top outsourcing software development trends for 2017

We live in a time where outsourcing is shaped by digital consumers. This sets new priorities and more complex business and technical challenges for the world’s contractors, especially for those who work on the cutting edge—in the tech industry. Close relation to the tech world means that IT outsourcers need to develop at the same speed as software and hardware startups, or even better, to be one step ahead. Even very small startups can afford to get work done while still paying respectable rates to contractors anywhere around the world. But today businesses consider outsourcing rather as a means of ensuring quality rather than just a tool for cutting costs.

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