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Kharkiv, Ukraine – great location for offshore IT outsourcing

IT outsourcing company providing seasoned IT resources in Ukraine

Agilites AUSTRALIA is a subsidiary of Ukrainian IT outsourcing provider – Agilites. Throughout all our time spent providing outsourcing services to clients in various industries, we have focused on delivering a quality product that is guided by the client’s business goals and values. We have always strived to build cooperation, enabling an effective and convenient working practice. Since we build software development companies for enterprises in different countries, the question of improving communication is something we are continuously working on. One of the steps we have taken to support our clients is opening an office in close proximity to them. Thus, Agilites AU enables our clients to leverage cooperation with a local entity.

Brett Hirst

Brett Hirst is a software engineer and architect with over 15 years of experience in the industry. Over the years he has worked with a lot of different offshore development teams from all over the world. He decided to make a partnership with Agilites Ukraine and form an Australian Entity. Since November 2017 he has become a founder of Agilites Australia Pty Ltd.

Brett Hirst

Having worked at the cutting edge of technology for many years, I know the value of a motivated and qualified software development team.

The biggest problem I found working with offshore development teams was finding a balance of quality developers at a competitive rate. It wasn't until I started working with Agilites Ukraine that I found this balance. Agilites Ukraine offered me a service like no other offshore development company had before. I worked with a friendly, well-spoken and talented team that took pride in their work. They delivered a quality of work often better than I had seen from my Australian team mates over the years. I was so happy with the experience that I decided to partner up with Agilites Ukraine and form an Australian Entity. Agilites Australia is here to relieve the pain companies have of building a quality offshore development team. We at Agilites AUSTRALIA strive to build for our clients teams who can not only create efficient and competitive software, but who can also become a reliable basis for your future success.

Alex Retzlaff
Alex Retzlaff, CTO & Executive Chairman of Commit Works.

Throughout his career Alex has worked across mining, finance and technology industries and run the team at Application Developer (the developers of the core Fewzion system) for more than a decade. Here he is talking about what it’s been like working with our company for more than a year.

For an outsourcing team it’s important to achieve a certain style and build a true team and culture

Kharkiv, Ukraine – great location for offshore IT outsourcing

Benefits of outsourcing to Ukraine

  • High quality software developers at an affordable price
  • Ukrainian developers are known for their superior knowledge of most current and high-level technologies and methodologies
  • The basis of their high technical level lies in quality education and a great number of technical universities producing world-class IT experts
  • Hiring a dedicated development team in Ukraine means you won’t have to overcome barriers of thinking, since our developers and testers have a very similar mindset to that of Australian or European developers
  • Outsourcing to Ukraine is an attractive prospect for many companies due to smaller staff turnover and a notable sense of responsibility for the project
  • Ukrainian developers are often said to be proactive and good problem-solvers because of their strategic thinking with a focus on the business goals of a client
Kharkiv, Ukraine – great location for offshore IT outsourcing

Benefits of hiring development teams with Agilites Australia

  • Flexible and individual approach in forming your offshore software development team
  • Cost reduction. No insurance costs, no superannuation costs, no hardware or general everyday running costs
  • Deal directly with the Australian Entity – pay for services in Australian dollars to an Australian bank account
  • Services may be eligible for an Australian Research and Development tax incentive, unlike other overseas outsourcing companies
  • Direct communication with our tech experts located in Australia
  • Top-notch software engineers that can be entrusted to develop any part of your product
  • Long-term cooperation
  • Knowledge retention and accumulation due to the longevity of engagement
  • Minimization of risks brought about by a new team launch
  • Full control over the process of development
  • Timely and efficient communication
  • Fixed monthly cost

Why dedicated development teams are a great solution for companies looking to outsource

A Dedicated Development Team, which is sometimes called an Offshore Dedicated Team (ODT), is a team of software developers set up by an outsourcing vendor according to the client’s demand. Often an outsourcing vendor is located in a nearshore or offshore location.

For instance, for long-term software development needs you can hire a software development team in Ukraine while residing and running your core company in Australia.

The size of the team is scalable. The development team can initially include just one or two experts, developers or testers, and gradually grow to a full-fledged development center.

The team can contain developers with different tech stacks and levels of seniority. A full-cycle development team can, for example, include several .Net developers, iOS developers, Front-End developers, QA engineers, and a project manager/product owner. By including in your team various IT experts you can cover the whole software development cycle.

With dedicated development teams you have the freedom to verify each candidate during our recruitment stage. You have the option to assign tasks and redirect development efforts.

Developers in a dedicated development team are assigned to a particular client, which increases effectiveness and enables more client control over the development process.

With this model of outsourcing, members of the development team work eight hours a day and five days a week for a fixed monthly fee. Clients do not have to pay extra for new features or changes to the initial plan.

With dedicated development teams, clients can have as much communication as they deem sufficient. To that end, the working hours of the developers are often adjusted to the client’s schedule.

The Offshore Dedicated Team model is agile and the process of development can be adopted to that of the client’s core team. Since the offshore dedicated team model does not require product specifications to be set in stone, you can implement the same agile software development process as with your in-house team.

When you can benefit from dedicated development teams

You want to expand your development department without wasting time on recruitment and squandering your development budget on expenses that can be avoided.

You have a long term, fairly complex project which is constantly evolving as you plan, adding new features and improving existing functionalities.

You don’t want to waste time on the continuous choosing and checking of new remote developers.

You want to steer clear of continuous turnover and loss of knowledge.

You want to zero in on the product development rather than on recruiting and educating new contractors.

We have built dedicated development teams for clients in different corners of the world. Here is what our clients say:

Offshore software development team

What we provide for your extended software development team

Office space

Management support

Technical support

Accounting support

Recruitment and accommodation

Team building events

Work assets

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Outsourcing today, in many cases, means sending work to a foreign land in return for quality work at lower prices. The success of your company's outsourcing experience solely depends upon your ability to do your research and homework before choosing an offshore vendor.

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