Communication Barriers to Overcome, or How to Win Your Dedicated Software Development Team

Any outsourcing company wishes to have successful and effective communication with a client. This article is not for them. It is for You – a Client who is seeking for a dedicated software development team with talented developers and QA engineers in Ukraine.

You are a company that is looking for a contractor – a dedicated software development team which is to be like a part of yours. That means being in your culture, style, methodologies. You also wish to be clearly understood quickly and uniquely. By all means. At any costs. You really wish to win your dedicated software development team. Still you face the wall. What hampers this mutual understanding you strive for?

Of course, traditionally, as any client’s company, you’ll state such resonating dedicated software development team’s pitfalls as members’ disenchantment with the work, getting into the bubble, alienation from each other, loss of vision and so on. And it’s true. They do exist.

Still the most important thing is to articulate your goal, be open and closer, explore new ideas , develop a rapport and build a new habit of speaking. Speaking a language. Speaking a common language. To make the work meaningful, to get the staff inspired and catalyze success.

Having barriers overcome, you’ll see they may have gateways to communication that will make it good and effective. These tips may help you cope with problems and win your dedicated software development team.

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1. Avoid communication at each hierarchical stage in a firm. Speak to the correct person, for example, a CEO or a team-lead.

2. Encourage face-to-face communication with a CEO, a team-lead or a developer to avoid misinterpretation. Wrong, vague or dubious words, bypassed instructions, misinterpretations could be biggest barriers. Your message could be distorted and you’ll be dissatisfied with the outcome.

3. Share information and knowledge. Be sure that the staff should be adequately informed. Cultivate mutual trust and confidence.

4. Be consistent, keep your goals in mind and always know what you want. Don’t demand the team’s most effort at once. Take into consideration their capability.

5. Be open to a feedback. Don’t make haste to say “no” to an initiative. Listen views carefully. Ask to convey thoughts short and clear, complete and accurate.

6. Think of quality of communication, be flexible, friendly, polite and candid. Mind, psychological barriers may also be a challenge for you, they are unfavourable for communication. Different emotions, over- consciousness, closed mind or poor retention don’t allow to organize the message in a proper way and spoil the opinion.

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7. Believe, there are some physical barriers that are essential to appear. You may live in different time zones or people may work different shifts. Devices may break or quality of connection leaves much to be desired.

The ability to communicate across barriers ushers the progress. To a large extent success of a client’s company depends on effective communication that becomes its blood. Systematic communication with the dedicated software development team and its trustworthy information make relationship harmonious.

Written by Anna Kotliarova

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