What is a dedicated development team? Why hire dedicated developers?

Is a dedicated development team the same as an offshore development team or center (ODT / ODC), or is it something completely different? Can you hire dedicated developers as easily as you would local experts? Are these questions about dedicated development teams haunting your dreams and thoughts on bright days and gloomy nights? We feel it is our duty to demystify this model of team augmentation, because we are really good at it - building dedicated teams, that is!

Actually, the notion of dedicated teams is very simple and we’ve sketched it out below on a piece of paper to make it clear. Also, in answer to the question above, a dedicated development team is sometimes referred to as an offshore development team or center (ODT / ODC).

To understand what a dedicated team is, imagine an IT company located in country 1. This country has a rapidly developing advanced economy. Companies here mostly develop novel and innovative products and services. The accelerating growth of IT businesses leads to intense competition over qualified programming experts between IT companies.

Why do you need to hire dedicated developers?

Impact on software development business:

It gets more and more difficult to scale up your own in-house development team, as recruiting is taking up too much time and finances
The cost of hiring local developers is extremely high, and add here burdensome overhead costs (office, insurance, employment taxes and benefits)

Solution - hire dedicated developers in a nearshore or offshore country

This can either be a neighboring country or an overseas destination. You can learn more about different variants of team augmentation in our article:

You can hire an outsourcing company from another country (2) to help you build a dedicated development team. Typically, you can find such a company in a country with a high level of technical education, which ensures a large pool of IT experts. Unfortunately for country 2, its economy can't yet be called prosperous and it is developing, so its internal current needs for programmers are not that high. This combination of a high level of IT knowledge with insufficient local demand makes country 2 a great choice for outsourcing.

Many leading companies leverage dedicated development teams, particularly since cost savings of 40-60% allow them to pour financial resources into marketing and product promotion on a highly competitive market.

Cost saving40% - 60%
Shortening the search time10% - 25%
Around-the-clock development100
Reducing time to marketдо 50%

Why hire dedicated developers over programmers for your in-house team?

It's easier to build a dedicated development team and it takes less time
It's much less expensive
There is room for cooperation with several outsourcing providers from different countries and time zones simultaneously
It allows the quick scaling up of software development
There is a 24-hour cycle of software development, which significantly accelerates time to market

The reasons to hire dedicated developers in Ukraine:

  • Historically, Ukraine can boast of great technical education and a vast number of Universities training students to become skilled programmers
  • Ukrainian IT companies have been in the outsourcing business for quite a long time. This means there are a significant number of experienced experts who have participated in large and complex projects
  • A high level of English and a work culture similar to the Western one make it possible to overcome communication barriers between the remote dedicated team and the core team
  • It is worth mentioning that Ukraine has a rather advanced IT market and developers have been involved in solid international projects, so you should not expect them to be extremely low-cost.But if you compare the quality and speed of work with the anticipated cost - it's easy to see that it is a really cost-effective solution!

You can read more about Ukrainian developers here:

Are all IT companies equally good at building dedicated development teams?

The forming of dedicated development teams does not seem that difficult. What's special about our service, then, and why aren’t all IT companies equally good at it?

Outsourcing companies use different business models. Some prefer make-to-order development, some strive to gain expertise in one particular domain to provide a high caliber of service, and others create products on demand, etc. Almost every company website has a section devoted to the forming of dedicated teams. They are likely to cope with this task, but there are a lot of associated risks. You wonder why? Let's get to drawing once again!

Hire dedicated developers

There are lots of projects in various industries, where companies have different cultures and varied software development approaches. They may all need a dedicated team; however, any project may have the same or a similar set of technological requirements.

What is the easiest way to satisfy such a request? Obviously, to offer a suitable candidate (available right now, he/she can be switched from a fixed price project). But will this candidate make an effective and motivated member of a development team on one of these projects? The risk of getting a poor result is pretty high.

Companies for whom the forming of dedicated teams is not a core business are unlikely to focus on the details that in other cases would allow an efficient team to be built, producing great results.

The second issue is the ability to scale up a team within the required period of time. Not every company has the necessary experience and resources to accomplish this task.

Why Agilites

Attention to detail
Careful study of the client's culture and principles
Focus on achieving successful long-term results
Resources for fast scaling up
Dedicated teams - core business

Forming dedicated teams: what does a good service include?

Recruiting and team building process:

  • A company must have a large pool of candidates and effectively use different communication channels with the greatest possible number of candidates
  • It's important to build and maintain a company’s HR brand on a local market
  • It's critical to create a well-established process of candidate selection to be able to offer a client the very best 'brains' that will fit their specific project and their team in general
  • There's no doubt that an outsourcing provider must have technical expertise and an understanding of your industry in order to pick out the best experts

Very often in the life of an IT company there are urgent needs that should be met as soon as possible. You may be tempted to resort to the first and quickest sourcing solution registered on your radar. But what we suggest is to devote a little more time for the sake of future results and lower risks, since building an efficient development team is more time-consuming than project outsourcing. Actually, we have to go through the same steps as you do to hire a new programmer for your core team:

  • To hire dedicated developers and build a team for you, first we need to understand your company's internal culture and development process, get a picture of your project and its requirements, and of course, get to know you
  • One crucial step that can’t be omitted is working out a start team configuration and a strategy for its development. For example, you can start with a few programmers and then extend your team over time. The size of your dedicated team may stay the same or be scaled up depending on the project's needs and your development strategy
  • Having this information, we can form a job vacancy profile individually for you and start searching for candidates, keeping in mind not only technical requirements, but software requirements as well
  • We can discuss and establish the process of candidate selection - it may be adapted to meet the requirements of the particular project
  • We believe that holding interviews between the candidate and the future manager, on the client’s side, is a critical component of the process which is definitely worth doing. He/she is going to be a member of your team, remember! It's of great importance not only so that you can choose a developer for your team, but also because the developer gets to believe in your project and become committed to it, enabling long-term cooperation
  • It's good to finish the recruitment chain of steps by discussing the proper onboarding process and efficient immersion into the project
  • Success is determined by the persistent efforts of all team members no matter where their office is located and what their employee status is. So it's vital to continuously work on implementing your company culture and encouraging team spirit
  • Your dedicated programmers must feel a part of an international multicultural team striving to achieve huge success
  • It's good to appoint a manager who will be responsible for monitoring the current state of the development team, the level of motivation and the productivity of the developers. The manager will develop and implement changes to improve the process of product creation

Perfectly selected development team members are the cornerstone of the the project's success!

qa engineer with axe
Sometimes you have to protect the quality with an axe
a dedicated
                                        team who can work in a low-gravity environment
Some companies may desperately need a dedicated team who can work in a low-gravity environment
software developers - superheroes
Or maybe it’s going to take a superhero to finish your project in time
serious software developers
When it comes down to it, our guys can be deadly serious about their work and get the job done

Infrastructure and support

The decision to hire dedicated developers can help you minimize expenses, but this does not necessarily mean that the members of your remote development team should have an inferior working environment to that of your in-house team.

We provide:
  • Administrative support
  • An attractive, comfortable workspace
  • All the required equipment (monitors, mobile devices for testing, laptops (which goes without saying), and other gadgets to make a techie geek happy)
  • Additional office perks to boost productivity and morale
  • English classes

Price formation

Salary + Company Fee

You know the salary of each team member
You manage financial incentives
Monthly payment that is more cost effective than the hourly rate approach
project cost saving
 energy bar

We hope reading this wasn't too exhausting for you.
Here's an energy bar to recharge your powers!

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