Developers and testers go into the wild 2017

Each big date in a company’s life is a good occasion to mark the achievements and acquisitions made through the past period.

When we gathered to celebrate our 5th anniversary this year, it was great to realize there are more of us than there was last year.

Over the course of this year, our team has been reinforced by Golang developers, we have found new partners in Australia, Denmark, Great Britain, Switzerland, and Israel.

We have set up new teams working on fin-tech, cloud networking, flash storage, engineering, healthcare, and asset maintenance projects.

Our team has been expanding through time and space. This August we’ve crossed the five-year milestone on our way of developing and testing products that, as we hope, make this world a better place.

Speaking about the place, this year we have added another floor to our office space. But for our birthday we chose another location.

To find a heavenly piece of nature with water to hide from the summer heat, we set off out from the city.

What can be more joyful for developers and testers and all the hostages of bricks and asphalt than to leave it all behind and lie in the sun sipping cold beverages? This is what we did.

But the fact that evening mosquitoes have no respect to Senior .Net developers and poor internet connection reminded everyone that civilization has its own merits.

What we have after the party: warm memories, a good deal of photos, one bee bite and inspiration to continue the eternal battle of bringing zeros and ones into order.

Written by Mira Gordijenko

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