Better For Betterment – Freelancers, Shared Resources Or Dedicated Development Teams

Outsourcing for a dedicated development team, shared resources or freelancers is a lot more than just finding the right partner. Global economy is constantly growing and offering consumer-focused opportunities and multiple services to B2B space. It allows entrepreneurs to get better opportunities through assets’ skills, change approaches, business models, modes of customer service and achieve results which bring a better fit for their business.

Could betterment, improving efficiency or productivity of a business be possible without specialists’ talents? Staff members’ contribution measured by important skills, experience and expertise is evidently invaluable. It could be compared with advertisement effect, that is more impressive than the word of mouth or the personal advocacy. Surely, project requirements, its size, budget, time constraints, quality standards influence on client’s choice to rationally invest the money. And then there is only one step to be made – a choice of a talent who’ll help solve the problems right and lead to efficacy.

So, who will be better bets for the client?

Freelancers, shared resources, dedicated teams

Freelancers or their teams are usually chosen through a profile and ratio. There is a big choice of freelance specialists in the market. The prices for their services are reasonable, that makes the main option. Platforms like CodementorX, Envanto, Freelancer, Fiverr, Skyword, Truelancer, Upwork are rich in offers. The individuals’ technical and management skillset can be different but each client can choose for themselves in frames of the business model they work in - from less expensive to most, with few overheads to multiple ones, from short-term projects involvement to long-term ones.

Shared resources teams are often compared with a scalable team ready to take and make the order. They could be spread across more than one project and even between more than one client. They are recommended to be chosen if a client has a less predictable volume of work or has vague business perspective of the project.

Dedicated software development teams are selected in the process of customized and job-based recruitment or chosen either on the testimonials or the services they offer through landing pages on their websites and representing their companies on Clutch, Goodfirms, VenturePact, Wadline or on exhibitions and forums. These teams are for those clients who want to develop the product and services long-term and grow the team on necessity and who prefer predictability. They could be flexible to extend but not to diminish. They are for full-time basis work within one organization. They are usually predictable on availability and can build a comprehensive reliability and maintainability plan, ensuring services reliability.

Who will meet customer’s expectation and bring them satisfaction on price, quality, skills and expertise, control, availability, security, commitment and dedication, communication – freelancers or their teams, shared resources teams or software dedicated development teams? Let’s see.

Written by Anna Kotliarova, marketing specialist

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