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  • Platform for Digital Therapeutics
  • Health and Wellness platforms
  • Platform for life and health insurance
  • Fitness applications
  • Online medical cards
  • Patients' portals
  • Social networks and apps for people who follow healthy lifestyle


From our very first breath, our bodies need care. When we are children, it is our parents’ number one priority to keep us healthy and happy, and the cycle continues as we learn to look after our own health and that of our family members. Healthcare is an essential part of our lives, fundamental to our success and prosperity.

We are trying to make the healthcare industry simpler to use and more cost-effective for everyone. Our experts are involved in the quality assurance and development of a wide range of services, from simple apps for fitness to digital therapeutics platforms that help you to reach your doctor when you are far away from the hospital.

Our experience in healthcare helps us to develop outsourcing activities in this area. We are forming complete offshore dedicated teams. Thanks to this venture, we always aware of the latest news in this field and are able to use apps and platforms created by our developers in our everyday lives.

Agilites is a wonderful partner. Outsourcing presents many challenges and unlike what we had experienced in the past, Agilites was able to create for us a cohesive, dedicated and powerful development team that propelled our development abilities forward. The management attention to team building, quality hires and personal touch is rare and I would recommend them in a heartbeat.

Amir Kishon
Amir Kishon

Ph.D. CEO, Wellness Layers