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The starting point of an outsourcing campaign for your Android project revolves around hiring the right remote resources. While the process of directly hiring Android developers in distant offshore locations can be a minefield, and requires knowledge of the local labor market, not to mention tons of time, Agilites can save you all the trouble. We find and hire reputable developers well-versed in Android programming who will become the members of your offshore software development team.

Android developers in Ukraine

When planning to create a novel application for the Android platform using the service of offshore dedicated teams, it’s good to decide on the right country for your development team. Eastern Europe, and Ukraine in particular, can offer an array of benefits as locations for outsourcing.

It is a well-known fact that the first-class language for native Android development is Java. Although Google has announced that they plan to shift the development towards Kotling, this is still a long way down the road and it will be years before it replaces Java, if ever. Surveys conducted by IT communities show that Java is the most popular language, along with JavaScript, in Ukraine. Java developers comprise 23% of the total and JavaScript occupies the second place with 16%. The overall number of experts working in the IT industry in Ukraine, for now, exceeds 100,000.

A variety of events are held each year where Ukrainian Android developers get the chance to learn something new. These include conferences, fests and meetings conducted in the country’s largest cities. A couple of key examples are GDG DevFest Ukraine and UA Mobile.

Choosing to hire an offshore Android app development team grants you access to a vast talent pool, with the lower prices for experts which a remote location provides. You can decide on the particular configuration and the number of engineers you need for the team. They will be completely at your disposal and can work as an independent remote software development department of your company or as a part of your in-house team.

Why hire developers in Ukraine

The total number of IT experts here exceeds 100,000. There are 103 higher education institutes that provide IT education in Ukraine and they produce more than 30,000 IT graduates each year. The quality of education can’t be denied. For example, Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv was ranked #7 in the HackerRank University Competition.

Android developers salary

As of today, over 1,000 IT companies operate in Ukraine. Slightly more than 55% of them specialize in outsourcing and outstaffing services.

Ukraine has a long history of technical innovation and has for years been at the centre of the latest technological developments, providing world-class products and Nobel Prize winners.

Why hire developers with Agilites

Large database of candidates.
Different sources for candidate search.
Constantly improving our level as an employer on the Ukrainian labor market.
Providing comfortable working conditions for developers.
Taking on administrative, accounting, financial, legal and payroll tasks.

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