C++ developers in great demand

Creating a system, application, and library written in C++ is a resource intensive task and you may resort to hiring offshore developers to get it done.

Despite competition from Java, JavaScript, Python, Go, and Apple's Swift, C++, though almost 40 years old, firmly occupies its niche among other languages and is widely used by developers in different corners of the world.

C++ owes its popularity to the fact that it is really fast and memory efficient compared to most other languages. Developers value C++ for its tremendous ecosystem of libraries, frameworks and tools. This makes it extremely versatile.

So C++ developers are in demand in industries such as finance, gaming, banking, telecommunications, electronics, manufacturing, retail, and many other fields.

This demand can’t often be filled by local resources, so going to offshore locations, like Eastern Europe and Ukraine, can be a useful solution.

How do you hire C++ developers in Ukraine?

There is both a tricky and an easy way of sourcing programmers in Ukraine.

The difficult option involves combing the local labor market in an effort to hire skilled freelance developers who are, of course, in high demand. The process can give you a headache considering the number of different aspects you need to take care of: the search itself, evaluating technical knowledge, checking references, deciding if the developers fit your project.

The simplest way to source programmers is to cooperate with an outsourcing company that can help you to hire C++ developers, tackling all of the trouble associated with this process.

Hire C++ developers with Agilites

Agilites can build a team of dedicated C++ programmers with exceptional skills and knowledge.

Over the past years, we have established a mechanism that has proven successful with our clients.

To hire the best professionals it's essential to have a large base of potential candidates who will become remote members of your development team.

We thoroughly check the candidates during general and technical interviews to determine the level of the developers and their communication skills, then we decide whether the programmers will fit this particular project.

After this, we introduce the vetted candidates to our client. If the client also approves them our cooperation begins.

Upon starting work on the project we provide management, motivational activities, incentives, a comfortable workplace, and all the required equipment for your remote team.

Hiring C++ developers in Ukraine can help you reduce and control IT costs. Here are the numbers to back this up.

Salary of C++ developers in Ukraine

Salary, USD
  • Senior – 3150
  • Middle (2-5 years of experience) – 2100
  • Junior (0-2 years of experience) – 770

The monthly salaries in the table below give us an annual salary ranging from 9240 USD for Junior engineers to 37800 USD for Senior. The salary depends heavily on the years of experience, technical level and city of employment. Even taking into account company fee, this leaves a considerable sum to be spent on the development of your business, or buying some fancy devices for your team.

To compare, here are the sums paid to C++ developers in different countries.

Country The median salary per year
Ukraine $37200
UK, London £71,737
The USA $115,575
Israel $115,174
the sums paid to C++ developers in different countries

Why Agilites

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Focus on achieving successful long-term results.
Resources for fast scaling up.
Dedicated teams are our core business.

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