Hiring front-end developers in Ukraine – a successful outsourcing strategy

Are you looking to hire seasoned front-end developers in Ukraine? Do you need to set up a software development team of HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript developers with knowledge of Angular and React JS to create high-quality, user-centric, and innovative web applications? Are you searching for a reliable and knowledgeable outsourcing vendor?

We at Agilites know how to provide our clients with the experience that leads them to the pinnacle of success.

Why hire front-end developers in Ukraine?

With all the new features and possibilities front-end development offers today, allowing the creation of responsive and highly interactive applications, the demand for HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript developers is not set to decrease any time soon. According to the annual research conducted by StackOverflow, the most popular job among users of the server in 2017 is Web developer, with the majority of 67% being Fullstack developers and about 10% front-end developers. At popular job search website Indeed there are about 2000 vacancies for front-end developers, indicating that they are in high demand.

And Ukraine, which has over 100,000 IT professionals concentrated mostly in large development centers, can help enterprises cover this demand.

Front-end developers in Ukraine – a snapshot of the industry

Although a decade ago it was enough for front-end developers to know HTML5 or CSS3, with Web app development getting more and more complicated, Ukrainian developers have become increasingly versatile. Considering the avalanche of emerging frameworks, libraries, languages in the Frontend, Ukrainian developers have to master them all to be on the same page with clients all over the world. Ukraine has always had impressive provision for technical education, producing a great number of engineers in various fields.

Ukrainian developers are known to provide easily accessible, utilizable and swift software, responsive enough for all types of devices and for meeting front-end plus business needs.

According to the local IT community DOU, JavaScript is the second most popular programming language in Ukraine. As for frameworks Angular, Angular2, and React JS, they are almost equally used by Ukrainian front-end developers. So it's safe to say that Ukraine can provide a stable foundation upon which to develop your business.

Front-end popularity

How much does it cost to hire a front-end developer in Ukraine?

The cost of hiring of a front-end developer in Ukraine depends on several key factors. One of them is the front-end developer’s skill set and experience, which is often expressed by the level of seniority of the developers.

The latter determines developers’ salaries. The mid-market salary of front-end developers is something you should look at before hiring a team of JavaScript or HTML5 / CSS developers. Although salary is only one of the constituents of the price, a mere look at it may show you that hiring developers in Ukraine is still more cost-effective than in North America or Europe.

Front-end salaries

The table below shows the salaries of JavaScript developers based on their level of seniority (three cities – Kharkiv, Kiev, and Lviv).

Front-end salaries by level

The company’s pricing model also influences the cost: an hourly rate model is often more expensive compared to a monthly rate with an equal amount of hours, due to the risks included in the price of the hourly model.

How can you hire a front-end developer with Agilites?

1. Send us a request

2. Discuss the requirements

3. Review the CVs of preselected candidates

4. Interview the candidates after our internal interview

5. Launch the project

6. Test your team during a trial period

6. Manage the team yourself or with the help of our manager

7. Scale up the team if needed

Portrait of a Ukrainian front-end Developer

Strong technical background and skills
The majority have higher technical education
Responsible attitude to the task at hand and the project in general
Relatively low turnover
Level of English – from medium to advanced
Proactive attitude and problem-solving mindset

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