Why hiring dedicated Golang developers in Ukraine is a great option

With a growing number of projects being written in Go, more and more companies are looking to hire Golang developers. They are now becoming as highly sought after in Ukraine as they are in other countries. According to the Ukrainian IT community DOU, Go’s popularity has increased in 2017 and a growing number of Ukrainian developers report that they would choose this language to write their project. When asked about the language they planned to learn next, almost 10% stated that it would be Go.

There is a tendency in Ukraine for developers to turn to Go after they have reached a middle or senior level in another language, since Go is still pretty young. So Golang developers are mainly shifters, which accounts for the relatively high price companies have to pay when they hire a Go developer in Ukraine.

Go (often referred to as Golang), an open source programming language created by Google, keeps climbing the charts in technology popularity, not only in Ukraine but all over the world. According to a survey conducted by golang.org in December 2016, of the 3,595 survey respondents, 89% said they program in Go at work or outside of work, with 39% using Go both at home and at work, 27% using Go only at home, and 23% using Go only at work.

Go is one of the most well paid languages in the USA. According to Stackoverflow, a Golang developer in America earns an average salary of $110,000 per year. So when you hire a programmer with the same skillset in Ukraine, you’re saving your budget, although not as much as you would with other languages.

What kinds of programs do people write in Go?

The majority are command-line programs, followed by API or RPC services, and finally web services.

What operating systems do programmers use to develop in Go?

This is mainly Linux, with some programmers opting for MacOS, and the least frequently used being Windows.

Golang popularity

As you can see from this chart produced by golang.org, Golang is most loved in the USA, its popularity here is head and shoulders above other locations: Germany, the United Kingdom and others.

When asked what they like most about Go, developers mention Go’s simplicity, ease of use, concurrency features, and performance.

At this time Go is being used for distributed/grid computing, structured storage and creation of large databases, online games, web-based music players, caches, virtual machines and HTTP servers, just to name a few.

Golang is used on such projects as Docker, Etcd, Kubernetes, and Timeseries databases like InfluxDB, Prometheus etc.

Our Golang projects

Among all the languages Agilites works with, Golang is one of the newest. We are making steadfast and ambitious steps towards mastering all of its nuances. Our dedicated teams of Go developers are quite young and they are gathering momentum, learning more every day.


To build a team that will thrive in the future and that will facilitate the client’s success, we use the same principles and steps we have developed for building dedicated teams.

  • First, we learn the requirements.
  • Get a “picture” of the candidates that will best fit the project.
  • Undertake pre-screening,including a preliminary technical interview.
  • Choose the programmers that meet the requirements and weed out the candidates who aren't a good fit for your company.
  • Arrange interviews with the client side.
  • After the approval the Go developers get to work.

Benefits of Go

Good for writing networking applications.
Producing maintainable code.
Good choice for writing system code.
Automation and Command-line tools.

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