Why hiring dedicated Java developers in Ukraine is a great option

Since the Java language is one of the major pillars in the development of mobile, e-commerce, and enterprise applications, a lot of companies face a laсk of Java programmers on their local market. The option to hire developers in offshore locations, like Ukraine, and to build a remote development team can, for many, provide an effective solution. Experience shows that remote dedicated development teams work as productively and successfully as in-house teams in the USA, Western Europe, Israel, or Australia.

Where can you hire Java developers?

Java is the most popular language all over the world and countries that are traditionally known as locations for nearshoring and offshoring are no exception in this regard. Eastern Europe, and Ukraine in particular, have vast IT resources, which includes Java developers from Junior to Senior level and experts capable of working as team leads, or taking on other managerial roles. In Ukraine, there are several major cities where Java developers live and work. Kharkiv is one of them.

What is the general picture with Java development in Ukraine?

In Ukraine, Java is the head of the herd when it comes to programming languages and recent trends indicate that there won’t be any significant decrease in its popularity. Every fourth developer that you encounter in Ukraine will be a Java coder. And according to Ukrainian job search websites, Java developers are in the greatest demand and are, unsurprisingly, paid the most.

Popularity of programming languages in Ukraine

Popularity of programming languages in Ukraine

Hire remote Java developers to work on these types of projects

The dedicated Java developers we hire create Mobile, E-Commerce, and Enterprise applications for our global clientele.

Is it cost effective to hire Java developers in Ukraine?

The prices for programming experts vary across different countries. In Ukraine the price correlates strongly with the salary of the programmers, and the salary itself depends on the individual’s skillset, level of knowledge, years of experience, and city of employment. The highest salaries, and therefore the highest monthly billing for clients, are seen in Kiev – the capital of Ukraine, but Kharkiv offers a perfect balance between number of experts and cost.

Below, the salaries of Junior, Middle, and Senior Java developers are given. You can also see how much programmers are paid depending on whether or not they are involved in mobile development.

The salaries of Junior, Middle, and Senior Java developers

What do you get hiring Java developers with Agilites?

Agilites offers the hiring of dedicated Java developers skilled in all the latest Java technologies, frameworks and components. Hire several engineers and form a remote development team to help you achieve your ambitious business goals.

Agilites can provide you with dedicated Java developers from one expert to a full development cycle team.

  • Affordable prices.
  • Transparent pricing policy.
  • Flat management structure and easy communication.
  • Direct communication with developers.
  • Competent management and comfortable infrastructure.
  • Professional experience and expert headcount added to your processes.

How we build the cooperation process

We analyze the request.
We discuss the requirements and expectations with the client.
We form a full search profile for each Java developer – candidate.
We select suitable candidates and conduct an internal interview.
We present the CVs of the best experts to our clients and arrange interviews with them.
After the approval we hire the Java programmers.
The developers work full-time according to the “dedicated development team” model.

Agilites. Making your development team the best it can be.

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