Offshore QA Engineers

Hiring a team of skilled and knowledgeable QA testers has the potential to bring your novel, appealing, revenue-generating product to the next level of success. Choosing the wrong team, however, can throw a spanner in the works and compromise the success of your project.

Agilites helps companies to hire highly skilled quality engineers in Ukraine and form dedicated teams that can either seamlessly integrate into the existing software development process, or work independently as a remote testing department.

An offshore team of talented manual, automation and integration testers will provide independent, speedy and meticulous testing of your product or service.

What makes a good QA engineer for your team?

In order to hire software testers who will watch development attentively and make sure standards are met from beginning to end, we not only compile a profile with skills requirements, but also strive to find engineers whose personal traits will make them a treasured acquisition for your remote team.

Important features

  • Knowledge. This is an obvious one, but crucial.
  • Analytical skills. The tester must keep in mind the whole picture of the product/service they are testing, be able to model the possible scenarios of its operation and understand your product from your end-users’ perspective.
  • Business-oriented. Time pressure during the development process, which can be considered normal in the IT world, makes it impossible to check every tiny aspect of the product and it becomes essential to make sure the revenue generating parts of the product are checked on a first-priority basis. It takes a business mind to be able to identify these parts.
  • Detail-oriented and assiduous. We do not ask employees to pick lentils out of the ashes like Cinderella, but we certainly do look out for conscientious testers.
  • Passion for technology.A QA engineer won’t last long if he/she is not genuinely interested in this subject.
  • Passion for people. This is essential for delivering quality. Creating a bugless product that will make people happier, or at least satisfied, is something that naturally incentivizes people doing this job.

QA engineers in Ukraine

Before hiring test engineers in Ukraine, it's good to take a closer look at the unique place QA occupies in the country's IT industry. In Ukraine, the number of testers is equivalent, if not greater than the number of developers. The proportion of Middle QAs with experience of more than 2 years is the largest, then we have Junior testers, and finally Senior testers who, with experience of 5 years or more, are in the minority.

The range of salaries for Ukrainian QAs falls between 500 USD for a Junior position and 2300 USD for Senior. The sum strongly depends on the specific skills and experience of the tester hired for the project.

The range of salaries for Ukrainian QAs

Nikola Tesla is said not to have needed a laboratory to test his theories and models, he managed to perform all the checks in his mind. Sadly it doesn’t work this way in the IT industry. To deliver quality products and services you need in-house or offshore test engineers to make sure your bright ideas are realized the way they were envisioned.

With Agilites you can hire any number of QA engineers whose skills and expertise best fit your project’s requirements.

What we offer

Independent QA and testing
  • Manual QA
  • Automated QA
  • Systems Integration QA
Building of offshore dedicated QA teams
  • Hiring dedicated QA/testers.
  • Providing team management.
  • Providing equipment and infrastructure.
  • Team building events.
Key Specialisms
  • Expertise in E2E testing
  • Expertise in gray box and black box testing
  • Extensive experience in static testing of Analytical and Architectural artifacts
  • Large pool of devices for testing of Mobile, Web, Desktop applications
  • Deep expertise in RIA testing
  • Deep expertise in Mobile apps testing
  • Games Testing Team
  • 50% of our engineers have automated testing skills
  • We write tests on Java, Groovy, C#.Net, Swift, Objective-C, Python and Ruby
  • We use Selenium, Microsoft Test Manager and LeanFT for web testing
  • Appium, XCTest, KIF, Espresso and Calabash for Mobile Apps automated testing
  • Serenity, Cucumber and JBehave for BDD
  • Experience in integration, E2E and massive API testing
  • Experience with complex projects in Telecommunications and Healthcare

Agilites. Making your development team the best it can be.

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