Kharkiv IT Cluster

In May, Agilites became a participant of IT Cluster. Kharkiv IT Cluster is a non-governmental organization that combines leading companies in information technology (IT), software development and software outsourcing business projects (BPO) on a single platform, supported by local authorities and universities. They have taken the initiative to make comprehensive changes to the city’s IT ecosystem.

This project is not only great for facilitating collaboration with other high-profile IT companies in Kharkiv, but also allows the expansion of opportunities and the circle of contacts. Each of the participants works towards the main mission of the organization: making Kharkiv the capital of IT in Ukraine. For this purpose, both the founders of IT Cluster and its members have been collectively working hard.

For Agilites, being a part of IT Cluster gives us many invaluable opportunities, including:

  • Cooperation with educational authorities - IT Cluster counts several local universities among its membership, from which graduate hundreds of highly qualified IT experts every year;
  • Collaboration with the wider IT Community - this gives us the chance to cooperate with other IT companies, not only in Ukraine, but also overseas;
  • Cooperation with the legal system.

In a short period of time, our employees have really made an impact, joining several important committees. Our SVP Business Development Dmitry Zamura is part of the International Marketing Committee, the CEO and the Co-founder of the company sits on the Educational Committee, and our HR Leader Svetlana is a member of IT Community and has already organized her first meetings. Dmitry has also visited many interesting and useful events and conferences, meeting with representatives of universities and foreign members of the embassies of various countries.

Having entered IT Cluster, we have been given huge opportunities for development and, like the other participants, Agilites has been included in the catalog, which allows us to become better-known and to learn about the activities of each company.

We hope for more exciting opportunities for collaboration, and will keep on championing Kharkiv as the best location for cooperation in IT!

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