English Classes – Grow an IT Professional

Agilites help their dedicated team members study foreign languages. The main focus is on English. The specialists develop and master their language skills both for professional and personal needs, boosting their analytical and communication skills, as well as information literacy. This allows them to find, critically evaluate and use information or data necessary in written or orally for the job accurately in complex contexts, making them aware and independent language users.

English classes in Agilites started in March, 2017. They were initially focused on the basic language skills formation and development but then they were modified, taking into consideration specifics of this company, i.e. direct communication of the dedicated development team members with the clients, and the aim – a strong necessity to grow a well-speaking IT professional in a short space of time.

Teaching here is always with new theories and practices, materials and methodologies, based on communicative, humanistic, cultural approaches. These classes are not just a means of receptive and productive skills development but also a powerful stimulus for the members of the staff to use the knowledge gained and the skills mastered in the interpretation of other cultural codes. They help team members organize their communicative behavior, be conscious about their own linguistic and cultural identities, get experience and realize themselves in modern polycultural world.

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