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Agilites provides software development outsourcing services to companies across various industries. We build Web and Mobile applications based on the dedicated development team model.
The most talented developers, project managers, and quality engineers will work for you.

Your Mobile Application Development Team

We can quickly form a team of seasoned developers for your iOS or Android project development.

Our experience in mobile application development projects for different industries covers not only aspects connected with creating the mobile application itself, but also:

  • Providing data security and following industry security standards
  • Integration with 3rd party devices
  • Integration with multiple services and applications
  • Ensuring high performance and reliability of applications with large amount of users

Java, Objective-C, Swift

Key Peculiarities

  • Application development for mission-critical domains
  • Experience with web API and web services
  • End-to-end product development
  • Experience with multilingual applications
  • Wearable and IoT technologies
  • Asymmetric cryptographic algorithms for data transfer and storage
  • Low latency data interchange
  • Building rapid and flexible UI

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Your Web Application Development Team

Agilites uses superior software development techniques and methodologies, which means making smart choices for your product’s success. In our work, we are guided by coding conventions and standards.

As the technology progresses and the program complexity rises to meet growing business needs and technological challenges, Agilites constantly monitors the latest trends in the development industry. We are growing to provide our clients with the best possible development solutions.

Agilites's programming principles:

  • Write easily maintainable code, which enables easy version management
  • Use the best environment for convenient work of programmers on the project
  • Make it possible for other developers to quickly understand and deal with the code
  • Pay particular attention to web application performance optimization, as application speed is an essential factor for business success

Java EE and SE, C#, ASP.NET MVC and WEB API

Angular.js, React.js, Node.js, Bootstrap, AJAX, jQuery, Vanilla JavaScript


Key Peculiarities

  • High-load and distributed systems
  • Deep knowledge of SOA and microservices architecture
  • Structured framework and architectural pattern development
  • User-friendly interfaces for complex solutions
  • Clean code and APIs
  • On-the-fly data encryption
  • Usage of coding guidelines, standards, and conventions
  • Clear staging process
  • Unit and sanity testing
  • CI and CD

One dedicated software development team story

Dedicated Software Development Team| Outsourcing to Ukraine

Healthcare domain

Digital Therapeutics Platform
  • Team of 18 Engineers
    • Web Developers
    • Mobile developers (iOS, Android)
    • QA Engineers
    • Project managers and Analytics
  • Launch of a new platform
  • Efficient cost management allowing easier launch of new projects
  • Increased and quicker development of new product functions

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