Software Development Company

Agilites is a company providing offshore software development and independent testing services. Located in Eastern Europe (Kharkiv, Ukraine), our company delivers IT outsourcing services to businesses around the globe. Our team numbers more than 60 qualified engineers and since we operate using the model of dedicated development teams, we are able to hire engineers with the particular skills to meet our clients' demands. Below are the milestones of our company’s growth, year by year.

The story of our company

Our company witnessed intensive growth in our main area of expertise: the forming of dedicated development teams. As an example, the number of experts in one of our teams creating healthcare products has reached 18 people.

The development of applications for iOS and Android also saw rapid growth. Our team contributed to the launch of a new Digital Therapeutic Platform, which gave our client a competitive edge in the market.

A lot of our efforts go into fostering the direction of software testing, especially automated testing. Its share in the total volume of our services increased significantly. Our whole approach to interaction between manual and automated testing evolved throughout the course of this year, which is partially due to the growth of technical skills and knowledge of our engineers.

Training courses on automated testing were organized for our manual testers wishing to broaden their professional expertise.

We have also made significant progress with a telecommunications project we've been working on. Our collaboration with the clients in this domain continues, while the main focus is still on the independent testing of applications in the Telecom industry.

Last but not the least, during this year we held a number of events to add joy and motivation to everyday working life at Agilites.

The crucial period in the growth of our company took place in 2015. We launched a new direction that has become our main area of expertise, along with providing QA services. This is the creation of allocated teams based on customer’s requests, including providing experts for the whole software development lifecycle.

Close cooperation with customers’ managers is an important aspect of our team-building work. Furthermore, help in effective management of the remote team, which works according to the client’s interests, and the establishment of a long-term partnership are necessary for offshore dedicated teams. Our experts have become an effective link in the big multinational collective.

We began working not only in this new direction, but also created an allocated team for the Wellness and Healthcare sector. It is an interesting experience for our company. We aim to keep developing our skills in this area, because of the clear social benefits of such projects.

We created Agile Test Laboratory in order to develop skills and knowledge in all types of testing. Our new goal is not only to provide customers with expert teams, but also to facilitate the improvement of their processes, speeding up the launch of new projects significantly.

We were also involved in the development process of a huge analytical platform. Thanks to our expertise and experience, we were contracted for a project in the telecommunications industry. The main attraction of such projects is the existence of big teams of experts with a high level of knowledge. Cooperation arises not only within the client’s team, but also with many third-party teams made up of other contractors. It was a great challenge for us.

This was a year of rapid growth for our company. Our experts were involved in several big projects in various sectors, such as large corporate portals, mobile games and applications, a large learning portal, and a business application. Furthermore, we started providing development services based on PHP, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. We were involved in several E-commerce projects, a salient feature of which were integration problems with customers’ ERP systems.

Our initial idea was to set up an outsourcing IT company. Thanks to our extensive background in management and business operations, we rapidly developed the company and got our first project. Our team of only five QA Engineers and two analysts specializing in software testing became involved in developing of a big governmental portal, which was a great opportunity for us. It was our first experience of participating in such a large-scale project that gave us a grounding for further professional growth. We soon took on new and ever more ambitious projects and were ready to meet any challenges that came our way.