Software Testing & QA Services

Agilites provides software testing outsourcing services, which includes manual and automated testing of web and mobile applications, games, and integration services QA.
Our QA engineers have a wealth of experience in such domains as business applications, mobile games and applications, e-government, telecommunications, wellness and healthcare, and e-learning.

Manual QA Testing

Any product success depends largely on the quality of its realization. Proper planning, control and executing of tests will allow you to successfully launch the product onto the market, and to achieve your business goals.

Engineers in our company have experience of being involved in complex projects characterized by the multi-module structure, interactions between teams from different regions, and high level of responsibility for the quality of the deliverables.

Key Peculiarities

  • Expertise in E2E testing
  • Expertise in gray box and black box testing
  • Extensive experience in static testing of Analytical and Architectural artifacts
  • Large pool of devices for testing of Mobile, Web, Desktop applications
  • Deep expertise in RIA testing
  • Deep expertise in Mobile apps testing
  • Games Testing Team
  • 50% of our engineers have automated testing skills

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Automated QA Testing

Test automation allows quicker execution of tests after each iteration in software development, it allows to cut and to use more effectively a testing team resource. Automated test creation costs pay off due to the reduced time to market of the product with unexceptional high quality.

Our engineers have a vast experience in automation of complex projects and in using various tools. On a constant basis, we are conducting training courses on automation for manual test engineers, which allows more efficient interaction of manual testing and automation testing teams within a project.

Key Peculiarities

  • We write tests on Java, Groovy, C#.Net, Swift, Objective-C, Python and Ruby
  • We use Selenium, Microsoft Test Manager and LeanFT for web testing
  • Appium, XCTest, KIF, Espresso and Calabash for Mobile Apps automated testing
  • Serenity, Cucumber and JBehave for BDD
  • Experience in integration, E2E and massive API testing
  • Experience with complex projects in Telecommunications and Healthcare

Integration Services QA

Integration tasks imply large complex projects where different program and hardware modules interaction takes place. These can be multicomponent portals providing services for millions of users, analytical solutions, government services, industrial solutions operating both processes and equipment, solutions for energetics, transport etc.

In those cases, the quality of integration of complex solution components determine the success of a project as a whole, a program complex stability, speed, and quality of services used by end users.

Extensive hands-on experience in testing of integration services is one of the key features of our company, which makes us stand out among others. Our engineers have experience of being involved in projects where hundreds of components are integrated into one solution with a thousand engineers in a project developing team spread all over the world.

Key Peculiarities

  • We are working on ESB and BPM architecture layers
  • SOAP and RESTful API testing
  • Data replication, Data transformation and Data cleansing testing
  • XML, XSLT, WSDL, JSON, SQL, PL/SQL, T-SQL, Java, Groovy
  • IBM Application Integration Suite, TIBCO ActiveMatrix, MuleSoft Anypoint, Oracle SOA Suite
  • IBM Watson integration API
  • SoapUI, Altova MissionKit, Swagger, REST Assured

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