Success for Anton Kaliuzhnyi at DEV CHALLENGE 11 – a contest for developers and testers

We are delighted to congratulate our iOS developer Anton Kaliuzhnyi on winning the second prize at DEV CHALLENGE 11, a contest organized by Ukrainian technical gurus for Web and Mobile developers, as well as QA/QC engineers, across Ukraine and Belarus. The competition seeks to detect and unite the best IT minds of the country by challenging them with the real-life tasks that often come up in a business environment, which distinguishes DEV CHALLENGE from other coding competitions.

This was the 11th time that programmers and testers have put their skills to the test in the hope of being crowned the champion. The bright representatives of the IT industry had to rack their brains for three rounds of the competition which ran for three months from April until July. A total of 1891 participants registered for this year’s DEV CHALLENGE. The competitors were divided according to their skill level and technology. The majority of the participants, 1613 to be precise, enrolled in the Web domain component, while the smallest group, made up of 278 developers, opted for Mobile. The Web domain included Front-end HTML+CSS, Front-end JS, Back-end Fullstack, UI/UX designer, and QA/QC. The Mobile branch was divided into three categories: iOS developer, Android developer, and UI/UX designer. This diverse range of categories meant that everyone could choose a direction to their liking.

The competitors were evaluated by an esteemed panel of judges. Among them were representatives from the most successful Ukrainian startups, tech rockstars of product companies, and experts from major outsourcing companies. Many of them are CEO, CTO, and co-founders of their companies.

experts from major outsourcing companies, tech rockstars of product companies

The first two rounds were run remotely, the participants were given a task in their field of technology and they had a week to complete it. In the iOS domain, for example, in which Anton participated, the task was to import information from a QR code, and mainly involved parsers and data visualization.

“It was incredibly exciting to take part in such an event”, says Anton. “It’s great to have a chance to learn how your development talent measures up to others, to have a new opportunity to meet other tech-savvy people, and perhaps most importantly, to get feedback from the jury concerning the tasks and even some advice regarding the use of technology.” While the results were being checked the judges were available for questions and discussion.

After the first two rounds, five iOS developers entered the final round, which was held in Kiev. Finalists from either domain sat together in the same coworking space. The tension in the room was palpable, with victory just around the corner for some. The participants had seven hours to complete the task set to define the most highly skilled talents. The iOS developers, for example, were challenged to create an application analogous to Excel for their platform.

The judges evaluated the quality of the code, OOP design, core functionality, and, finally, UX. All the entries were checked the same day, with the winners announced the following day. Everyone gathered for the celebration, where the happy victors in each category were presented with their certificates and prizes from the contest’s sponsors.

Here is our hero Anton Kaliuzhnyi.

our hero Anton Kaliuzhnyi

We hope Anton continues his pursuit of knowledge and wish him luck in getting some more victories to his name.

The search for talent never ends. We believe that it’s just the beginning of a winning streak for the developers and testers in the Agilites team!

Written by Mira Gordijenko

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