Kharkiv, Ukraine: number one location for offshore IT outsourcing

Searching for your it outsourcing services provider you should definitely consider Kharkiv, Ukraine.
Among all locations of offshore IT outsourcing, Kharkiv in Ukraine stands out and takes its rightful place as a technology center where a tremendous array of software development experts and companies are located.


Ukraine takes its rightful place among the most attractive destinations for companies which have decided to outsource their software development. There are a number of reasons for Ukraine's popularity as an outsourcing hotspot, including the very high quality of software developed by Ukrainian experts, the competitive price of services and a strong education system.

The small time difference between Ukraine and Western European countries, a European mentality, and adherence to software engineering standards are also undeniable advantages of selecting Ukraine as a location for outsourcing. About 16,000 IT specialists graduate from our universities every year which makes Ukraine the fourth in the world for greatest number of certified IT specialists. This number does not include specialists who have certificates from online courses, webinars and schools for developers, which is also constantly growing.

The Ukrainian IT outsourcing industry has been expanding in recent years. Today, there are over 500 outsourcing companies in the IT sector and the number of global R&D centers exceeds 100. Being actively supported by the Ukrainian government has enabled the industry to flourish and it now employs > 100,000 developers.

Most of the IT companies in Ukraine are located in 5 major cities, and one of the main centers for the thriving IT industry in Ukraine is Kharkiv. Kharkiv is said to be the capital of the Ukrainian IT industry. Every year thousands of IT experts graduate from Kharkiv universities and start their careers on the overseas market. Historically, Kharkiv is considered to be the first and the main educational and scientific center of Ukraine. As an example, Kharkiv National University, named after V. Karazin, is the oldest and one of the biggest Ukrainian universities. This university forms the basis of the Ukrainian education system.

Kharkiv experts provide all types of IT services and can correspond to all clients’ needs. More than 60% of IT experts in Kharkiv have extensive experience in the outsourcing industry. Hundreds of IT companies in our city work with both Ukrainian and overseas clients.


Kharkiv, Ukraine – great location for offshore IT outsourcing

Agilites is a participant of the IT Cluster. Kharkiv IT Cluster is a non-governmental organization that combines leading companies in information technology (IT), software development and software outsourcing business projects (BPO) on a single platform, supported by local authorities and universities. They have taken the initiative to make comprehensive changes to the city’s IT ecosystem.

Each of the participants works towards the main mission of the organization: making Kharkiv the capital of IT in Ukraine.

We hope for more opportunities for collaboration and to continue championing Kharkiv as the best location for cooperation in IT!

$ 900 m.

$900 million annual turnover in Ukrainian IT industry

18 %

18% of Ukrainian IT experts work in Kharkiv (second only to Kyiv)


22000 residents of Kharkiv work in the IT industry

84 %

84% of IT experts in Kharkiv have Intermediate+ English level


25 universities in Kharkiv have IT faculties


2000 IT experts graduate


More than 200 IT companies are located in Kharkiv


The majority of Kharkiv IT engineers work in the outsourcing industry

Cognoscere, docere, erudire

Karazin: Founder of  Kharkiv National University
Vasily Karazin

Founder of Kharkiv National University

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