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We are looking for an experienced software systems developer to help our small but rapidly growing team build out our market leading carrier networking products. You will work with our management team to design and implement new products, providing customers with highly secure, performant API driven network products.

Required skills
  • Golang Programming Experience
  • Knowledge of JavaScript frameworks like AngularJS, React, etc.
  • Strong Linux Skills (Ubuntu/Debian)
  • Experience working with FreeBSD
  • Experience in the design and implementation of large-scale highly available distributed API driven systems and services
  • Experience working with continuous integration platforms
  • Strong discipline around the development and implementation of unit testing for all code developed
  • High English level (spoken, and written)

As a plus
  • An understanding of networks, TCP/IP and other protocols involved in delivering internet services
  • Experience with timeseries databases like InfluxDB
  • Experience with RethinkDB

We offer

Bossless organization structure, the informal and open culture, we have no guys who parasitize on the food chain of accountability, flexible processes.

Project description

IP Transit (iptransit.com.au) was born out of that simple thought “Surely there’s a better way”. The concept of IP aggregation has always made sense but given the investment of both time and resources required to implement it, it’s never been practical. Then there is the fact that someone had to own it. It was all just too hard. The only way it was ever going to get off the ground was if it became a dedicated operation independent of the businesses it was striving to serve.

The arrival of a new breed of networking companies like Megaport , AXONVX and Ordnance has fundamentally changed the game and removed a number of the hurdles. IP Transit was formed to bring the elements together and make a reality of 6 years worth of discussions had over countless industry networking drinks. IP Transit is very much from the market for the market.

Backend is a globally distributed network and Linux systems orchestration platform, almost entirely written in Go with some C/C++ used to manage network equipment, Linux and FreeBSD kernel drivers.

Frontend is written in AngularJS, talking to a set of Go based RESTful API’s backed into RethinkDB and InfluxDB databases.