Senior Node.js Developer #Kharkiv #Scrum #IoT #GoogleCloudPlatform #Firebase #Firestore

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Job Description:

Currently our platform team is evaluating if Google's new Firestore could tackle some problems which we have with Firebase. We want to reinforce our platform development team and we're looking for an additional developer to join us on long-term basis.

Our Tech Stack and ENV
  • Node v4 - v8. Mainly v6. We're moving to Node 8 because of async/await.
  • ExpressJS 4.x. We're moving to KoaJS, because of better async/await support.
  • React 13 -> newest, create-react-app
  • Es7, Redux, Babel, Webpack, JSS
  • Firebase, MongoDB, Google Cloud Storage
  • Docker, Kubernetes

Your Workplace
  • WebStorm 2017
  • HP ProBook 15’ or MacBook Pro 15’ by your choice
  • i7 CPU, 16 GB RAM, SSD HDD, 24’ Monitor
  • Linux or macOS or Windows

You will be expected to
  • Work autonomously demonstrating initiative and common sense
  • Participate in design and code reviews
  • Design solutions that are modular, scalable and portable
  • Communicate with peers to address technical roadblocks
  • Focus on strong teamwork within teams and remote team members according to business alignment
  • Build software solutions using SCRUM agile practices, and engage with the business stakeholders in sprint reviews and participate in daily SCRUM meetings
  • Have an inquiring mind with the ability to research, question and think outside the box

  • Minimum 3 years of NodeJs development experience
  • MongoDB, Firebase
  • Modern web apps architecture design
  • Linux operational proficiency incl. bash scripting
  • A friendly disposition with a team and customer
  • High English level (spoken, and written)

  • ReactJs / React Native
  • Google cloud environment
  • Raspberry PI Linux environment • Webrtc

About us:

Bossless organization structure, informal and open culture, we have no guys who parasitize on a food chain of accountability, flexible processes.

About the product:

Our client is IoT product company from Finland. They are developing own IoT platform, and devices which all have real-time connection to platform. Currently they sold over 5k devices. The number of devices is growing rapidly and all devices are producing a large amount of data. IoT platform has microservice architecture and has all basic building blocks: users, devices, ACL, alarms, events, reports, data storage and analysis. All services are written in NodeJS, we run our workloads in docker containers and orchestration is done with Kubernetes. Few of our services are already running in cloud functions and in future we are developing solutions more and more serverless. Backend data is stored in Firebase, MongoDB and google cloud storage. We develop our platform only when some product program needs new features. We are not in platform business, it’s just enabler for us. This means that we are happy to throw away some existing code, if we find some new service which fits better to our needs.