Win Or Lose Freelancers, Shared Resources Or Dedicated Development Teams, or Tips For Clients To Hire For Betterment

To develop a product or perform services on the client’s request and do a scope of work either freelancers, shared resources or dedicated development teams can be hired. They are usually supposed to work diligently to meet deadlines and provide qualitative services or deliverables using commercially reasonable efforts.

What is “a must” for a client to take into consideration?

  1. To get services and deliverables, you will need people. You must understand who they are and what they are, how much expert and competent they are. Make sure the work you provide is going to be in safe hands.
  2. Wishing to get a qualitative service or a product, don’t start focusing only on skills and expertise. Bet on communication. It will make your road smooth and move away roadblocks in the process of work, will help you bypass communication barriers and cultural differences. Communication is the key to contract and agree on the statement of work, create a professional service agreement. Without communication you’ll never know how much available, flexible or scalable the specialists are.
  3. Watch people’s involvement. Their dedication and commitment as well as reliability will influence on your choice of the business strategy and business model which are crucial in outsourcing.
  4. Skills and expertise cost money and make the price. And there is nothing to add. Still be aware of the specialists’ soft skills. Don’t neglect them.
  5. Being attracted by a lower cost of the high-qualitative offshore work, don’t forget about risks. Contract the work in deeds on paper, not in words. Think about your security, confidentiality and intellectual property protection.

Outsourcing, you can’t escape being personally involved in some procedures such as interviewing to understand how much the person fits your company’s culture; promoting its values; defining the roles and responsibilities, making them understandable and clear both for yourself and the specialists hired; asking questions about tools, technologies, methodologies, sharing your vision about the product’s roadmapping; participating in planning that will streamline good performance and accept deliverables; analyzing business context before making decisions and establishing business relationships. Make openness, respect, trust, courage and passion to win the things that attract you most. Follow the tips and win who or what you want!

Written by Anna Kotliarova, marketing specialist

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