International Women's Day

In Ukraine, it’s a great tradition to thank the women we love for their beauty and the care they give us. We celebrate our wives and girlfriends, our moms and grannies, our sisters and friends, and our teachers and colleagues on this special day.

This year the men in our team decided to put on a real surprise for the women. The whole day our girls were surrounded with love and care. The guys cheerfully met them with flowers and fortune cookies in the morning, served a great cakes table and the main surprise for our ladies was a spiritual session with a medium who offered to pass a quest and investigate the murder of a famous 18th century English lord.

The day impressed our girls and they were very happy with all the surprises. We wish all women to love and be loved, to enjoy every day, to feel spring in their souls all year round and to light the whole world with their beauty.

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